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Community list of transit APIs, apps, datasets, research, and software :bus::star2::train::star2::steam_locomotive:

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Table of Contents

Getting started

If this is your first time dealing with transit data, you might find these links useful:


Places to ask questions and find other community resources.


Places to access collections of GTFS and other transit and multimodal data

3rd party GTFS URL directories

Transit agency data archives

U.S. Federal Government

Proprietary (non-standard) vendor APIs

Software for Creating APIs

Software that you can set up to provide an API to transit and multimodal data.

Agency Tools

Tools for transit agencies. See also GTFS Tools for tools specific to GTFS.


Experimental and production transit hardware.


Apps people use when taking transit.

Web Apps

Native Apps (open source)

Native Apps (closed source)



GTFS Libraries

Software that makes it easy to consume GTFS data in a variety of languages.

GTFS Converters

Converters from various static schedule formats to and from GTFS.

GTFS Data Collection and Maintenance Tools

GTFS Analysis Tools

GTFS Timetable Publishing Tools

GTFS Validators

GTFS Realtime

GTFS Realtime Libraries & Demo Apps

GTFS Realtime Validators

GTFS Realtime (and Other Real-time API) Archival Tools

GTFS Realtime Convertors

GTFS Realtime Utilities


Other multimodal data formats


On-line courses, blog posts, and reports related to open transit data.

On-line courses

Blog posts

Academic papers

Government reports

Community-maintained lists



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Originally created by Luqmaan Dawoodjee, now maintained by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.

This list is intended as a community resource for informational use only - listing of a project/product does not imply endorsement.