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A curated list of game development resources for Haxe 4, a high level strictly typed programming language which is used to produce cross-platform native code.

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Game engines

Those are Haxe 4 compatible game engines.

|Engine |Target | Description| |-------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------| |Armory (Kha) |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|An open-source 3D game engine with full Blender integration. | |Away3D |Web, Mobile, Desktop |An open source, real-time 3D engine for OpenFL. | |HaxeFlixel (OpenFL) |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|Free, cross-platform 2D game engine powered by OpenFL. | |Haxegon (OpenFL) |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|A programming library for beginners. Powered by OpenFL and Starling.| |Heaps |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|High Performance Game Framework. | |hxdefold |Web, Mobile, Desktop |Haxe/Lua externs for Defold game engine. | |OpenFL |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|Interactive game and app development library. | |Starling |Web, Mobile, Desktop |The "Cross-Platform Game Engine", a popular Stage3D framework. | |Stencyl (OpenFL)|Web, Mobile, Desktop |Create Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, and desktop games with no code. | |unreal.hx |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles|Haxe Integration for Unreal. |

|Low-level Engine |Target |Description | |---------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |Kha |Web, Mobile, Desktop, Console|Ultra-portable, high performance, open source multimedia framework. | |Lime |Web, Mobile, Desktop |A flexible, lightweight layer for Haxe cross-platform developers. | |linc_glfw|Desktop |GLFW binding (multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan).| |NME |Web, Mobile, Desktop |A cross-platform native backend for Haxe projects. |


|Library |Description | |------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |echo |Simple Physics Library. | |haxebullet |Bullet 3D Physics for Haxe. | |nape-haxe4|Physics Engine (the original Haxe3 version of nape can be found here).|


IoC == Inversion of Control  
EC == Entity Component  
ECS == Entity-Component-System
FSM == Finite State Machine
MVC == Model View Controller

|Library |Architecture| Description | |---------------------------------------------------|------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |awe6 |IoC, EC |The inverted game framework, is a development tool focused on Future Proofing.| |ecx |ECS |An Entity Component System framework. | |hexMachina|MVC |A powerful multi-modular MVC framework. | |OSIS |ECS |Entity Component System architecture with networking support. |


|Library | Description | |--------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| |Anette |Simple network library (no UDP). | |colyseus-hx |Multiplayer Game Client. | |haxe-simple-peer (js)|Haxe externs for simple-peer. | |hxWebSockets |Websockets for all Haxe platforms. | |Built-in |Heaps, OpenFL (HaxeFlixel & co), Kha (Armory).|

Serialization and storage

|Library | Description | |-------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------| |Bits |Binary bit flags with unlimited amount of bits. | |CastleDB |A structured static database easing collaboration. | |hxbit |A binary serialization and network synchronization library.| |PODStream|Plain Old Data serializer. |


|Game |Platform |Engine |Screenshot | |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------|-------------------|----------------------------------------------| |RELEASED | | | | |Darksburg |Desktop |Heaps |Screenshot | |Dead Cells |Desktop, Consoles |Heaps |Screenshot | |Defender's Quest |Desktop, Consoles |HaxeFlixel (OpenFL)|Screenshot | |Dicey Dungeons |Desktop, Consoles |Haxegon (OpenFL) |Screenshot | |Evoland |Desktop, Mobile |Heaps |Screenshot | |Northgard |Desktop |Heaps |Screenshot | |Papers, Please |Desktop, iOS, PsVita|OpenFL |Screenshot | |Pocket Kingdom|Desktop |HaxePunk (OpenFL) |Screenshot | |rymdkapsel |Desktop, Mobile |OpenFL |Screenshot | |Spellbreak |PC, PS, Xbox, Switch|unreal.hx |Screenshot | |The Westport Independent |Desktop, Mobile |Luxe |Screenshot| |IN DEVELOPMENT | | | | |Frontier Story |Desktop |Heaps |Screenshot |

More showcase :


|Type |Library | Description | |---------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Animation |spine-hx |Spine runtime for Haxe automatically converted from the official Java/libgdx runtime. | |_ |HaxeFlixel |Spine parser. | |_ |Heaps-Spine |Spine player for heaps. | |_ |heaps-aseprite |Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format. | |_ |openfl-aseprite |Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format. | |_ |openfl-spine |Render Spine animation in the OpenFL engine, rendering processing can be achieved through Sprite and Tilemap. | |_ |ase |.ase/.aseprite file format loader written in Haxe without external dependencies. | |Color manipulation |nxColor |Color manipulation library. | |Collision |differ |A separation axis theorem collision library. | |Data structures |polygonal-ds |Data structures for games. | |Editor |flixel-studio |In-game editor for HaxeFlixel. | |Procedural generation|Dungeon builder |A set of dungeon generation algorithm (works w/ hx4 w/ minor changes). | |Localization |firetongue |A translation/localization framework written in Haxe. | |Map parser |PyxelEdit Map Importer|Parser for maps generated by the editor PyxelEdit. | |_ |Heaps |Built-in parser for Tiled. | |_ |HaxeFlixel |Parser for Tiled & Ogmo. | |_ |LEd |2D level editor with a typed compile time loader. | |Math helpers |hxmath |A game-oriented math library for the Haxe language. | |_ |haxe-glm |A toolset for using 2, 3, and 4 dimensional vectors and matrices, as well as quaternions. | |_ |hx-vector2d |Worlds most complete Vector2d / Point class. With operator overloading. | |Modding |polymod |An atomic modding framework for Haxe games/apps. | |Particles |Sparkler |Modular Particle System. | |Monetization |extension-iap |Provides an access to in-app purchases (iOS) and in-app billing (Android) for OpenFL projects using a common API. Fork of this.| |Pathfinding |pathfinder |Easy A* pathfinding algorithm. | |Sprite |haxe-aseprite |Parser for .ase and .aseprite files. | |Steam |SteamWrap |Haxe native extension for the Steam API. | |Texture Packer |hxpk |Port of the libGDX Texture Packer. | |Tweening |actuate |A flexible, fast "tween" library. | |_ |YATL |Yet Another (Haxe) Tweening Library. | |UI |domkit |CSS Components based strictly typed UI framework. | |_ |flixel-ui |GUI library for HaxeFlixel. | |_ |HaxeUI |UI library with multiple framework backends (HTML5, Kha, OpenFL, PixiJS, WxWidgets, and a number of others as works in progress) | |


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