Awesome Common Lisp Learning Awesome

This list focuses on resources for learning Common Lisp, especially resources that I've found useful.

There are other Awesome Common Lisp lists that focus on other topics:

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How To Use

  1. Get a Lisp environment.
  2. Bookmark the The Common Lisp Hyperspec.
  3. Download and work through a Lisp book of an appropriate level. Type the examples and play with the code. Feel free to switch books and try a different one.
  4. Try out Exercism.
  5. If you get stuck, find an online community and ask smart questions.
  6. Learn about Quicklisp.
  7. At some point, read your Lisp implementation's manual.

Lisp Environments

You can run a Lisp implementation directly, but an editing environment makes the experience easier.

Online References

Online Books

These books that are freely accessible online, arranged roughly in order from basic to advanced:

Offline Books

These are books that you'll have to buy, or borrow from a library.

Online Community

Library Management

These aren't libraries, but can help you find and install other libraries.

Common Lisp Implementations

This section lists some common CL implementations and their manuals in alphabetical order. Unless otherwise noted, these are free software implementations. See also the Cliki's list of free software Common Lisp Implementations.


I got a lot of the information from Rainer Joswig's Stack Overflow answer on learning Common Lisp, and from the now-defunct Stack Overflow Documents site. The Cliki's Getting Started page was also invaluable.