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I'm a huge fan of the Code & Supply team, and this conference was everything awesome about their community group in conference form. - @RemyPorter


The organizing team did an incredible job to have speakers from all over the world and from different parts of the Android community(Android team, Google Developer Experts, Developers strongly involved in the environment). - @jobot0


It was smashing. highly recommended. - @Annaleen


It invites international speakers from other countries, provides high-quality real-time translation of the talks. - @PeterDaveHello

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Past Conferences

Awwwwards Conference

This conference looks awesome, because Awwwards sets the tone for a lot of great webdesign. I would love to go to this. - @RichardLitt


This conference was awesome because...

CSS Conf

This conference looks awesome because of the speakers, and because it is hosted by the great Bocoup. - @RichardLitt


This conference is awesome because it brings the whole Go community in India at once place and has a great line-up of speakers.- @nikhita


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