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An open source Data Science repository to learn and apply towards solving real world problems.

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This part is for dummies who are new to Data Science

This is a shortcut path to start studying Data Science. Just follow the steps to answer the questions, "What is Data Science and what should I study to learn Data Science?"

First of all, Data Science is one of the hottest topics on the Computer and Internet farmland nowadays. People have gathered data from applications and systems until today and now is the time to analyze them. The next steps are producing suggestions from the data and creating predictions about the future. Here you can find the biggest question for Data Science and hundreds of answers from experts.

Secondly, Our favorite programming language is Python nowadays for #DataScience. Python's - Pandas library has full functionality for collecting and analyzing data. We use Anaconda to play with data and to create applications.


Preview | Description ------------ | ------------- | Key differences of a data scientist vs. data engineer | A visual guide to Becoming a Data Scientist in 8 Steps by DataCamp (img) | Mindmap on required skills (img) | Swami Chandrasekaran made a Curriculum via Metro map. | by @kzawadz via twitter | By Data Science Central | From this article by Berkeley Science Review. | Data Science Wars: R vs Python | How to select statistical or machine learning techniques | Choosing the Right Estimator | The Data Science Industry: Who Does What | Data Science ~~Venn~~ Euler Diagram | Different Data Science Skills and Roles from this article by Springboard | A simple and friendly way of teaching your non-data scientist/non-statistician colleagues how to avoid mistakes with data. From Geckoboard's Data Literacy Lessons.

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