Awesome Creative Technology

Businesses, groups, agencies, schools, festivals, and conferences that specialize in combining computing, design, art, and user experience.

Creative technology is a broadly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field combining computing, design, art, and user experience.

This list hopes to compile the best creative technology groups & resources across the world, both as a source of inspiration and as a reference point for potential employers and meetups of creative technologists.

Creative technologists by definition have a breadth of skills as opposed to a specific specialty, so it's difficult to categorize them. While this isn't a perfect organization, each group below generally specializes in the area to which they've been assigned.

Table of Contents

  1. Creative Technology
  2. Collectives & Practices
  3. Experiential Spaces & Experiences
  4. Fabricators
  5. Event Production
  6. Architecture
  7. Creative Agencies
  8. Museums
  9. Festivals & Conferences
  10. Education
  11. Closed Groups

Creative Technology

Name Locations Keywords
1024 Architecture [Paris] architectural and digital works, orchestrated sound and light scores
Acrylicize [London] [NYC] [Seattle] harness the power of art and creativity to help people fall in love with spaces
Ada [NYC] experience innovation and design agency that partners with the world's most ambitious visionaries and brands in the culture, arts and social impact space
Adirondack Studios [Glens Falls, NY] [Dubai] [Orlando] [Shanghai] [LA] [Singapore] concept, schematic, design, construction, fabrication, installation, support
Alt Ethos [Denver] experiential, metaverse, and event design agency
Art + Com [Berlin] media sculptures, data installations, new media
Art Processors [Melbourne] [NYC] partner with cultural and tourism organisations to invent new realities of human experience
Augmented Magic [Paris] augmented magic shows, digital installations
AV Controls [NYC] site-specific technology installations, digital landmarks
Barbarian [NYC] marketing and advertising, new media
Beaudry Interactive [LA] themed entertainment, museum exhibitions, live shows, and branded experiences
Blackbow [Beijing] projection mapping, digital art and cultural experiences
Blublu [Hangzhou] projection mapping, immersive experiences for museums and workspace
Bluecadet [Philadelphia] [NYC] experience design across digital and physical environments, visitor centers
BRDG Studios [Philadelphia] digital moments in physical spaces, retail environments, art galleries, events
BREAKFAST [NYC] software-/hardware-driven artworks, flip discs
Breeze Creative [NYC] [Miami] interactive experience design, family entertainment, museums, playgrounds, educational institutions
C&G Partners [NYC] branding, digital installations, exhibits and environments, signage, wayfinding, websites
Charcoalblue [NYC] [Melbourne] [Chicago] [UK] [London] amazing spaces where stories are told and experiences are shared
Cinimod Studio [London] location based work where technology, environment, content and real life interaction meet
Code and Theory [NYC] [San Francisco] [London] [Manila] strategically driven, digital-first agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology
Cognition [LA] an interactive studio designed to enrich experiences by building creative technology with human empathy
Comuzi [London] explore and imagine and prototyp and creatr future-forward creative concepts
DE-YAN [NYC] creative concepting, experiential, motion, graphic & interactive design within luxury, fashion, beauty, & lifestyle
Deeplocal [Pittsburgh] creative engineers, inventors, interactive experiences, human stories
Design I/O [NYC] [San Francisco] immersive, interactive installations, storytelling, events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public space
Digifun [Shanghai] projection mapping, new media art education
Digital Ambiance [Berkeley, CA] lighting design, projection mapping, interactive design
Dimensional Innovations [Kansas City] [Atlanta] [Minneapolis] [Denver] [LA] [Pittsburgh] experience design, interactive experiences, brand activation
Dome [NYC] experience design studio that gathers designers, technologists, and strategists to solve unusual problems
Domestic Data Streamers [Barcelona] fighting indifference towards data
dotdotdash [Portland] [LA] [NYC] innovation agency that seamlessly blends the physical and digital
Downstream [Portland] [Amsterdam] [Melbourne] strategy + design + content + technology
Dpt. [Montreal] generating wonder with immersive platforms, AR, & VR
Eness [Melbourne] evocative interactive experiences for public, commercial and cultural entities
Envoy [Chicago] [LA] [San Diego] transform environments into exceptional experiences, formerly Leviathan
ESI Design [NYC] transforms places into experiences, immersive deisgn, architectural scale
Extrapolation Factory [NYC] research studio, futures studies, collaborative prototyping
Fast Horse [Minneapolis] a truly integrated creative agency
FIELD [London] future aesthetics for design, motion, experiential
Float4 [Montreal] [NYC] integrates digital experiences into physical spaces to amplify their identity
fuse [Modena, Italy] live-media performances, experimentation, electronic music, digital arts
Future Colossal [NYC] experiential technologies in advertising and entertainment and art
Gallagher & Associates [DC] [NYC] [Portland] [Singapore] harmony between technology, narrative, and physical design
Game Seven [NYC] [LA] intersection of sport and culture, brand stories
Geeksart [Guangzhou] [Shanghai] media sculptures, new media exhibition
Giant Spoon [NYC] [LA] translate cultural trends into big ideas, experiential, gaming
Hotel Creative [London] retail, branding, exhibitions, events
Hovercraft [Denver] [Portland] interactive installations, site-specific content, retail, sports
HUSH [NYC] marketing and advertising, retail and DTC, architecture
iart [Basel] studio for media architectures, enhancing physical spaces with digital technology
IMG SRC [Tokyo] full-service communication agency focusing on websites, installations, and R&D
Immersive International [London] [Shanghai] [Ottawa] [Hong Kong] [Cape Town] live experiences and art installations in public, private and commercial spaces
Intergalactic [Vancouver] [London] mobile apps, interactive screens, web development, application design and visualization
Invisible North [NYC] culturally fluent, thoughtful experiences, bring brands to life
Jam3 [Toronto] [LA] [Montevideo] [Amsterdam] create modern experiences for tomorrow's brands
Jason Sherwood Design [NYC] television and broadway and concert stage design
Left Field Labs [LA] products, platforms, and services that solve fundamental human challenges
Listen [NYC] sensory-driven brand assets, modern cultural landscape, sound, experiences
Lorem Ipsum [NYC] [Moscow] [London] experience design, narrative, physical and digital environments
m ss ng p eces [NYC] [LA] new wave production and entertainment partner for content and immersive experiences that inspire culture
Magnopus [LA] [London] unite the physical and digital worlds with extraordinary experiences
Manifold [San Francisco] [LA] [Portland] we hire smart people and get out of their way
Map [London] industrial designers who believe great design can solve problems
Marshmallow Laser Feast [London] leaving a slug trail of sensory nuggets as we journey through the cosmos
Master of Shapes [LA] a space surfing, geometry taming, buffalo riding, Future House
Midnight Commercial [NYC] unite the disparate digital and physical worlds
MindBuffer [Berlin] audiovisual research and digital design studio
Moment Factory [Montreal] [LA] [London] [Tokyo] [Paris] [NYC] shows, destinations, content, interactive, scenography
Momentum Worldwide [NYC] [Athens] [Atlanta] [Bogota] [Bucharest] [Cairo] [Chicago] [Dubai] [Frankfurt] [Gothenburg] [Lima] [London] [Madrid] [Manchester] [Mexico City] [Milan] [New Delhi] [Santiago] [Sao Paulo] [Seattle] [Seoul] [St. Louis] [Sydney] [Toronto] [Tokyo] disruptive, entertaining, shareable, unforgettable experiences for clients and their fans
Motse [Shenzhen] digital art
MSCHF [NYC] viral stunts and products, trying to do stuff that the world can't even define
mycotoo [LA] [Barcelona] entertainment development company specializing in theme park design, immersive experiences, and best-in-class events worldwide
NCompass [LA] brand and marketing solutions creating experiences that integrate the latest technology and creative
Neon Global [Singapore] world class and epic experiences that are innovative, creative and exciting
NeoPangea [Reading, PA] microsites, games, VR/AR, digital, social
NEXT/NOW [Chicago] brand activations, immersive environments, emerging technologies
NGX Interactive [Vancouver] pushing new technologies to create experiences that are vivid and meaningful
Night Kitchen [Philadelphia] dynamic digital experiences, online exhibitions, digital strategy, storytelling
Nohlab [Istanbul] producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology
Normal [Montreal] public installations, entertainment, performing arts, stage design
Nowhere [Shanghai] marketing events, interactive experiences
Oat Foundry [Philadelphia] split-flap displays, electromechanical stuff, think tank, products, experiences
OIO [London] creative company working on future products and tools for a less boring future
Onformative [Berlin] studio for digital art and design, challenge the boundaries between art and design and technology
Optimist [LA] [NYC] [London] [Amsterdam] [Hamburg] [Berlin] [Prague] architects of subculture, creative, design, strategy, production, content, brand experience
Patten Studio [NYC] informed by research at the MIT Media Lab, experiences that connect people
Potion Design [NYC] design and technology studio, interactive, musuems
pretty bloody simple [Munich] interactive experiences, analog and digital, musuems
RadicalMedia [NYC] [LA] commercials, documentaries, music videos, branded experiences, & immersive environments
Rare Volume [NYC] design and technology studio, interactive video walls
Red Paper Heart [NYC] art from real world interaction
Relative Scale [Raleigh] bespoke digital products and experiences for brands and institutions
RGI Creative [Cleveland] corporate experience design, museums exhibits and displays
Rosie Lee Creative [London] [Amsterdam] [NYC] design, creative, digital and consultancy
S1T2 [Sydney] [Melbourne] [Shanghai] We create interactive experiences that immerse audiences in the future of storytelling through technology.
Second Story [Atlanta] [Portland] [NYC] exhibition, interactive, software, experience, hardware, VR, AR, projection
Seeeklab [Xiamen] marketing events, interactive installation
Set Reset [London] transforming data into compelling stories that fuel growth and create opportunity
SOSO [Boston] [San Diego] delivering real human impact across physical and virtual space, placemaking and storytelling
space150 [Minneapolis] [LA] [NYC] a tech-driven creative agency
Special Projects [London] design and innovation agency that reveals user needs and transforms them into experiences and products
Spectacle [Phoenix] expertise in fabricating experiences that drive engagement and wow participants
Spectra Studio [LA] installations, projection, sculpture, robotics, light and sound
Staat [Amsterdam] branding, editorial, event, film, graphic design, illustration, installation, interactive, interior design, production, retail
Stimulant [San Francisco] experience design and interactive installation, human-scale, site-specific digital experiences and touchscreen applications
StoreyStudio [London] spatial design, set design, window displays, moving image
Studio Black [LA] [NYC] technical production, design advisory, content management, digital content
Studio Elsewhere [NYC] bio-experiential design and technology to support brain health
Super A-OK [NYC] A multi-modal service bureau for the 21st century, fabrication, electronics
SUPERBIEN [Paris] [NYC] [Dubai] Creative studio for visually extended experiences, merging digital & physical environments.
Superfly [NYC] create shared experiences that shape how the world plays & connects
TAD [NYC] [London] digital experiences, technology and architecture, designed to inspire people.
Team Epiphany [NYC] [LA] influencer marketing, IRL, vertical integration
Tellart [Providence] [Amsterdam] [San Francisco] transformative experiences, invention, physical & digital experiences, new technologies
The Gathery [NYC] editorially-born creative agency specializing in brand marketing and content creation
The Lab at Rockwell Group [NYC] architecture and design, branded experiences, immersive environments, pop ups
The Projects [London] [LA] [NYC] [Sydney] brand consultancy, meaningful experiences, tell stories
THG [LA] experiential, exhibit, live shows, theme parks, retail, dining, museums
Thinkwell [LA] [Montreal] [Abu Dhabi] [Riyadh] strategy, experience design, production, master planning, entertainment destinations, branded attractions, interactive media installations, events, museums, expos
Tool [LA] help brands and agencies with ideation, content, and experience production that generate buzz
Trivium Interactive [Boston] experience design and production
Two Goats [NYC] [LA] [London] AR, interactive branded experiences
Unified Field [NYC] content-rich, experiential and interactive media for digital branding, media environments, and exhibits in public spaces
UNIT9 [London] [LA] [NYC] [Berlin] innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, creatives, art directors, designers, producers and film directors
Upswell [Portland] digital and physical content first experiences
VTProDesign [LA] high tech robotics and projection mapping
VVOX [NYC] [LA] high-end design, code, fabrication, sound
We Are Royale [LA] [Seattle] frontlines of design & technology to arm brands with the creative to turn audiences into advocates
Wonderlabs [Shanghai] marketing events, interactive installation
XORXOR [Budapest] collaboration between scientists, engineers, artists and robots, real-time visuals meet complex design
Yellow Studio [NYC] artistically-minded design, tv/concert/event production design, set design

Collectives & Practices

Established artist collectives/practices that work with creative technology (here primarily for reference, not necessarily for career opportunities).

Name Locations Keywords
Brooklyn Research [NYC] we build interactive systems for a range of clients including museums, artists, and leading technology firms
Dave + Gabe [NYC] interactive installation studio, real-time animation, generative 3D sound
Hypersonic [NYC] groundbreaking new media sculptures and physical installations
Kimchi and Chips [South Korea] intersection of art, science and philosophy through ambitious large-scale installations
NONOTAK Studio [Paris] light and sound installations, ethereal, immersive, dreamlike
panGenerator [Warsaw] new media art and design collective, mixing bits & atoms
Random International [London] [Berlin] experimental practice within contemporary art, human condition in an increasingly mechanised world
Smooth Technology [NYC] cutting-edge technology and artistic sensibility, wireless wearables, create the impossible
Taller Estampa [Barcelona] group of filmmakers, programmers and researchers who work in the fields of experimental audiovisual and digital environments.
teamLab [Tokyo] full-room interactive projection mapping, interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists
The Cuttelfish [USA] explore and imagine and prototyp and creatr future-forward creative concepts
United Visual Artists [London] new technologies with traditional media, site-specific, instruments that manipulate perception
WHYIXD [Taiwan] cross-disciplinary art installations, dance, architecture, music
Zebradog [Madison] communication design and the built environment, higher education

Experiential Spaces & Experiences

Groups that create experential spaces & experiences full of creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
29 Rooms (Vice Media Group) [USA] multi-sensory installations, performances, and workshops
Cascade [LA] interactive art experience
Color Factory [NYC] [Houston] collaborative interactive exhibit
Meow Wolf [Santa Fe] [Las Vegas] [Denver] immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration
Museum of Ice Cream [San Francisco] [NYC] transforms concepts and dreams into spaces that provoke imagination and creativity
PopUpMob [NYC] [LA] [London] [Paris] one-stop shop for pop up experiences
Studio Daguet [Nantes] [Paris] staging stories, show, music, theme parks, museums, hotels


Groups that mostly fabricate pieces for creative technology companies.

Name Locations Keywords
Bednark [NYC] full-service fabrication, production, install
Eventscape [Toronto] building the extraordinary, full service
Gamma [NYC] large scale robotic cnc, install, sculptures
Pink Sparrow [NYC] [LA] environmental design, project management
Visionary Effects [Pittsburgh] old-school manufacturing processes with digital design and fabrication

Event Production

Groups that specialize in event production, often with a creative technology twist.

Name Locations Keywords
Dera Lee Productions [NYC] theatre arts, story-telling
GPJ [Austin] [Boston] [Dallas] [Detroit] [LA] [Nashville] [NYC] [San Francisco] [Silicon Valley] immersive events and experiences
SAT [Montreal] immersive experiences, concerts, workshops, conferences, exhibitions
Sparks [Philadelphia] [Detroit] [Connecticut] [Atlanta] [LA] [Las Vegas] [NYC] [San Francisco] [Shanghai] trade show, experiential, retail


Groups that generally design architecture often incorporating creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
Carlo Ratti Associatti [Torino, Italy] [NYC] [UK] design and innovation office, MIT Media Lab: Senseable City Lab
Gensler DXD [Worldwide] built environment with integrated capabilities in strategy, design, technology, data, and architecture
Olson Kundig [Seattle] [NYC] architecture, vessel that supports specific art installations, seamless spatial experience
SOFTlab [NYC] mixes research and creativity and technology with a strong desire to make working fun
Universal Design Studio [London] [NYC] driven by a deeply held belief in the transformative power of well designed and finely crafted spaces

Creative Agencies

Groups that are have a more general focus, but have a knack for projects imbued with creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
&Walsh [NYC] brand strategy, art direction, design and production across all platforms
AKQA [London] [SF] [São Paulo] [Melbourne] [Aarhus] [Miami] [Amsterdam] [Atlanta] [Auckland] [Berlin] [Cairo] [Cape Town] [Copenhagen] [Dubai] [Gothenburg] [Gurgaon] [Johannesburg] [Milan] [NYC] [Paris] [Portland, OR] [Riyadh] [Shanghai] [Stockholm] [Sydney] [Tokyo] [Venice] [DC] [Wellington] the most powerful force in the universe isn’t technology, it’s imagination
BUCK [LA] [NYC] [Sydney] [Amsterdam] VR, AR, installation, real-time animation, 3D, experiential
Framestore [London] [NYC] [Montreal] virtual, augmented and mixed realities, location-based entertainment, and theme park rides
ManvsMachine [London] [LA] multidimensional creative studio
Media Monks [Amsterdam] [London] [Dubai] [Stockholm] [NYC] [LA] [San Francisco] [Mexico City] [São Paulo] [Buenos Aires] [Shanghai] [Singapore] creative production
R/GA [Austin] [Chicago] [LA] [NYC] [Portland] [San Francisco] [Berlin] [Bucharest] [London] [Buenos Aires] [Santiago] [São Paulo] [Melbourne] [Shanghai] [Singapore] [Sydney] [Tokyo] business, experience, and marketing transformation
SuperUber [Rio de Janeiro] [São Paulo] experiences that blend art, technology, architecture and design
The Mill [London] [NYC] [LA] [Chicago] [Bangalore] [Berlin] experience makers, media and brand activation, innovative design, and inventive technologies
Weber Shandwick [Atlanta] [Baltimore] [Bogotá] [Boston] [Brasilia] [Buenos Aires] [Buffalo] [Chicago] [Dallas] [Detroit] [Lima] [LA] [Mexico City] [Minneapolis] [Montreal] [Nashville, TN] [NYC] [Philadelphia] [Rio de Janeiro] [SF] [Santiago] [Seattle] [St. Louis] [São Paulo] [Toronto] [Vancouver] [DC] we work at the intersection of technology, society, policy and media, adding value to culture — to shape and re-shape it


Groups that generally focus on designing museums and similar experiences using creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
Art Processors [Melbourne] specialist interactive media and exhibition design
Cortina Productions [McLean, VA] artistry, content, and technology, we render the word to the story, the story to the medium, and the medium to the space.
Exploratorium [San Francisco] exhibits made in-house, public-facing workshop
Gagarin [Reykjavík] weaving education, information and data into compelling stories
GSM Project [Montreal] [Singapore] [Dubai] content first, exhibitions
Ideum [Albuquerque] interactive exhibits and exhibitions, integrated hardware products
Iglhaut + von Grote [Berlin] scenography, spatial mise-en-scène
Local Projects [NYC] experience Designers pushing the boundaries of human interaction
Monadnock Media [Massachusetts] multimedia experiences for museums, historic sites and public places
Northern Light Productions [Boston] immersive media environments, interactive experiences, or documentary films.
Roto [Columbus, OH] experience design, immersive media, interactive engineering, and custom fabrication for museums, brands, attractions and architectural placemaking.
Thinc [NYC] provoke meaningful conversations about the world in which we live

Festivals & Conferences

Meetups for creative technologists.

Name Locations Keywords
ISEA [Barcelona] [Paris] the crossroads where art, design, science, technology and society meet
MUTEK [Montreal] electronic music, audiovisual performance, digital art
SXSW [Austin] film, music, interactive arts


Undergrad programs, masters and open course teaching and researching creative technologies

Name Locations Keywords
Goldsmiths [London] a degree which develops your arts practice through the expressive world of creative computation
ITP [NYC] ITP/IMA offers four programs focused on creative and meaningful application of interactive tools and media.
MIT Medialab [Boston] art, science, design, and technology build and play off one another in an environment designed for collaboration and inspiration
Paris College of Art [Paris] designed for those who are interested in exploring the wide-ranging creative field of New Media
University of the Arts [London] computational technologies in the context of creative computing research

Closed Groups

Groups that have closed their doors are still useful for reference and inspiration. Check out the list of them here.