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Useful resources for creating apps with Salesforce

Inspired by the awesome list thing. You might also like to read complete awesome-list.

What is Awesome Salesforce ?

Awesome is awesome project started by Sindre Sorhus who is most popular person on Github. He created a project to list down coolest of links bookmarked in your machines and organized them together by compiling them at one place. Later, this projects caught fire and developers community around the world started writing awesome pages (dedicated to their favorite technology).

What makes for an awesome list?

Read the awesome manifesto and ensure your list complies.

The Fiery Meter of AWSome

Repos not on The Fiery Meter of AWSome can still be awesome

A Note on Repo AWSomeness

Each repo listed meets at least one of the following requirements:

100+ stars for community repos is not a strict requirement, it only serves as a guideline for the initial compilation. If you can vouch for the awesomeness of a repo with < 100 stars and you can explain why it should be listed, please submit a pull request.

Pull requests might be left open for a period of time to let the community chime in and vouch for it. An official repo from aws or awslabs can be removed if the community wishes. Check out the awesome manifesto.

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Table of Contents

Salesforce Developer Free Edition Signup


The previously popular Mavensmate editor( has now ceased developement.

Plugins for Salesforce

Salesforce Custom Search Engines

Browser extensions for Salesforce

Read cruciated list of Awesome-list-of-browser-extensions-of-salesforce

Packages and Libraries supporting salesforce

Developer Utilities

Git Ignore for Salesforce

Open Source Projects Repositories from Salesforce

Javascript Libraries for Salesforce

UX Libraries for Salesforce

ETL Tools

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Browser Extensions

Mobile Development with Salesforce

Mobile SDK

Salesforce Mobile Packs with Javascript Libraries

Google Polymer Pack : Try Designer | Github Repo | Watch Designer Video | Build your Mobile App with a set of new HTML tags that ease the development of salesforce driven user interfaces. It's based on the Google’s Polymer framework and uses Web Components to provide fundamental building blocks for creating an Offline enabled application with Salesforce Mobile SDK

AngularJS Pack : Get Started | Github Repo | Design and build apps that separate UI, logic, and data using Mobile Pack for AngularJS. Google's AngularJS lets you reap the benefits of a Model-View-Control architecture in your JavaScript code and utilize advanced features like reusable components and dependency injection.

Troubleshooting and queries

Official Salesforce Twitter Accounts

Learning Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Certification Program

Salesforce University

Technical Blogs



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  2. For broken links or outdated information, submit a bug report (BR), or make the necessary changes and submit a PR. Both are welcome. Please submit separate PR's for each link or change added.
  3. For those unable to use git, create a github account, then fork this` repo on the user interface. Then edit the page by clicking on the "pencil" icon on the markdown page, then click on save and submit a PR. Github does this automatically in 8 steps.