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A carefully curated list of CSV-related tools and resources

CSV remains the most futuristic data format from the distant past.

XML has risen and fallen. JSON is just a flash in the pan. YAML is a poisoned chalice. CSV will outlast them all.

When the final cockroach breathes her last breath, her dying act will be to scratch her date of death in a CSV file for posterity.


Here are some awesome tools for dealing with CSV:


Repair or Validate CSV

Generate Table Schema

Treat CSV as SQL

Convert to or from CSV



Once you've found the perfect data serialization file format, you stop looking

David Wengier




The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.—(Possibly) Grace Hopper.

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* I'm the author of NimbleText. Of course I put it first on the list. If I didn't personally rate it I wouldn't have spent so much time making and improving it.

** I wrote agnes but don't really endorse it for others to use (thus haven't migrated the source code to GitHub). It's slow and non-streaming. I'd go with papa-parse. On the plus side, agnes has a more comprehensive test suite and simpler api than most.

*** Mine too.



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