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Web Monetization is a web service that allows you to send money directly in your browser. This is a JavaScript browser API that allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website


About Web Monetization

How to start monetize my website

If you would like to monetize your content, you must have a Wallet and Provider account. See below the platforms that allow you to use them.

| Wallets | | | | | :---------: | :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | | Name | GateHub | Stronghold | New Wallet ?Create a issue ! | | Fees | SEPA: 1.00 EUR < 50,000 EURWire: $15 min ($150 max) | $3 withdrawal fee | |

| Payments | | | ------------ | ------ | | Name | Empty. |

On your webpage, intregate your monetization tag on meta

<meta name="monetization" content="$" />

and detect if monetization is possible, then work

if (document.monetization) {
  document.monetization.addEventListener("monetizationstart", () => {
      "🎉 Awesome ! You use Web Monetization.\nMore information"



Any packages/modules and plugins







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