Awesome Promises Awesome

A curated list of useful resources for JavaScript Promises

Inspired by the awesome list thing. Not to be confused with other awesome promises like "I promise you a million dollars" or "I promise you'll stay fit and never have to go to the gym again".

Table of Contents

Resources, Blogs, and Books

For beginners

Deep Dive


Promises/A+ Implementations (ES6/ES2015 compatible)

Strict Implementations

These implement no more or less than the es6 spec. They make great polyfills and are exceptionally compatible with native promises.

Implementations with extras

All of these provide more features than the language yet remain compatible. Node + Browsers for all.


Convenience Utilities

Native and strictly spec-compliant promises are awesome for compatibility, future-proofness, library authors, and browsers. However, libraries like bluebird patch goodies onto the Promise constructor and prototype. Solution? tiny modules of course!

sindresorhus's many Promise utilities (see notes)



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