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An Awesome & curated list of ZeroNet implementations, plugins, tools, and zites.

ZeroNet is a decentralized web-like network of peer-to-peer users.



Zite is shortened version of ZeroNet Site.

Search Engines

Name Description Address Domain Name
Kaffiene Search Caffeinated Search & Index 1Mr5rX9TauvaGReB4RjCaE6D37FJQaY5Ba zerosearch.bit
Zoogle Zearch Google Search for ZeroNet 13EYKqmPpwzBU4iaQq9Y4vfVMgj8dHeLkc N/A
Dream Search Dream Search - The most data scanning search engine in ZeroNet 1JBFNPrAGp1nQX6RsAN6oRqCfvtoeWoion N/A
Search And Index Zites A Simple search engine and index 1xiwbXaTbo9XU32hEpW4NyjZHrugSFdo6 N/A

Zite Indexes

Name Description Address Domain Name
ZeroSitesX Sites of ZeroNetX 1SitesVCdgNfHojzf2aGKQrD4dteAZR1k Sites.ZeroNetX.bit
ZeroSites Sites of ZeroNet 1SiTEs2D3rCBxeMoLHXei2UYqFcxctdwB Sites.ZeroNetwork.bit
ZeroWiki ZeroWiki site list 138R53t3ZW7KDfSfxVpWUsMXgwUnsDNXLP/?Page:list-of-zites N/A
Search And Index Zites Site directory by Krixano 1xiwbXaTbo9XU32hEpW4NyjZHrugSFdo6 N/A

Chat Rooms

Name Description Address Domain Name
ThunderWave A beautiful chat for ZeroNet 1CWkZv7fQAKxTVjZVrLZ8VHcrN6YGGcdky N/A


Name Description Address Domain Name
The All-Night Bookstore and Cafe A Friendly Local Forum 13gLfTixjjktySEGHBMnmrQu4qMJpoRuXw N/A
UnlimitTalk For those who are cramped in ZeroTalk limits 1HMLvnRWViMnuvZc5LK4Dm86sZNcSH1jdh N/A
ThreadIt Decentralized Forum from ZeroNetX Team 15UYrA7aXr2Nto1Gg4yWXpY3EAJwafMTNk ThreadIt.bit
NetTalk Discussion about interne…s and other electronics 1LfvE91ZF18jdG3wW62Dw7NtfTZh737KPL N/A
ZeroTalk++ Decentralized forum engine 1EgyL4nj9DmeSSQg3fytxGJjihxtmMon5y N/A Discussion about Linux 16Go5kc2U9Ff4jeaY8kYiDEgpMYdgyboPY N/A
ZeroTalk Tech Talk about Anything having to do with Technology 1EfLnw7GDXbZfJmGNoXGQ4XkuHGWkRZTMq N/A
1stZC: ZeroNet Development 1stZC's ZeroNet Development forum 1fznczNZUMEMvCiqSmCZGUiv5sVnRcsTD N/A
1stZC: Talks: General 1stZC's general forum 1fznctFebYHnmjmFZCmAWPd7nnamAy3Tg N/A
1stZC: ZeroNet Support 1stZC's support forum 1fznc4VQbbrQAf4UzHrWS6W2mpGFqXSeD N/A
1stZC: Talks: Politics 1stZC's politics forum 1fzncJdLpbsT5eeeYP14EKSaStHhtn5LY N/A A forum about programming 17YUF4geTD7gBDPeMtQtnV7uhhNcjrYi9u N/A
ZeroNet DevZone ZeroNet core & plugins: issues, pull requests, ideas, RFCs and documentation 18ryVioVmwFYzhRZKTjKqGYCjkUjoxH3k6 N/A
ZeroDev Talk Place for developers to collaborate 142jqssVAj2iRxMACJg2dzipB5oicZYz5w N/A

Mail Providers

Note: Email services that are built based on ZeroMail are End-to-End encrypted and nobody should be able to see the actual message you're sending, but the username of senders and receptors are publicly available.

Name Description Address Domain Name
ZeroMailX End-to-end encrypted messaging 1MaiLX6j5MSddyu8oh5CxxGrhMcSmRo6N8 Mail.ZeroNetX.bit

Social Media Zites

Name Description Address Domain Name
XeroMe ZeroMe with an easy-on-eyes theme 1JgcgZQ5a2Gxc4Cfy32szBJC68mMGusBjC N/A
0Hub List Of ZeroMe Hubs 1GLndW2MJn7japuF3X2tbfBqgPMR52zaLQ 0hub.bit


Name Description Address Domain Name
NGnoidTV Video site, also named KopyKate 18Pfr2oswXvD352BbJvo59gZ3GbdbipSzh big.kopykate.bit
Play Movie torrents 1PLAYgDQboKojowD3kwdb3CtWmWaokXvfp 0play.bit

ID Providers

Name Description Address Domain Name UniqueIDs Centralized
ZeroId Sample trusted authorization provider 1iD5ZQJMNXu43w1qLB8sfdHVKppVMduGz zeroid.bit :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
KaffieId Decentralized ID provider 1K3tM7irQqSX4Hx3JvNgkimkQzY6jPtBfz kaffie.bit :heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_multiplication_x:
GateWay Manually approved ID by Caryoscelus 144vF644nw3X9dUb4uqsethDjjskhkpavH N/A :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

Productivity Tools

Name Description Address Domain Name
NullPaste Decentralized paste-bin 1MgHVPCE1ve6QfKrgsqCURzRj72HrRWioz N/A

Block lists

Name Description Address Domain Name
Privact blocklist Blocks websites with external files 18zoKfKYPnVBuHtKpK1mhAuVsWXV72obA1 N/A
Kaffie's Spamlist Mute/ban list for spammers 1CufK1ZtvekbFXEpSyKT2gDjf9jnqW8KwG N/A
Pornography blocklist ZeroNet pornography blocklist 13CgSQeywg2ius5pjXVCk7dKUCRkz5xvW3 N/A

Entertaining Zites

Name Description Address Domain Name
xkcd mirror A mirror of randall munroe's 1XKCDh5XeLm5eN4jM8b1Mk4wKrnUJxV12 N/A


Name Description Address Domain Name
Zero Bird Flappy Bird inside ZeroNet 1LMG9b3mhvnfAiMpRccSNzvTbq6bYCQWLf N/A
Snake Game Simple snake game inside ZeroNet 1JsJ1JitaLboc8pvo4fxh9dvP8mt6toPrE N/A
Pac Man PacMan inside ZeroNet 14Q1So3DH9qvHts5VuLDgqGp7yCXceujop N/A
ZeroSudoku Simple Sudoku game inside ZeroNet 16Gn4QBd8iXFnDcVEcsmYw8soBKCeBezzS N/A
Taxi Drift 2D taxi driving game 1EzPDDHciaG9AH4ErxsmAKsF4hsrJPktiM N/A
Game of Life Conway's Game of Life inside ZeroNet 19TrFbEUS1mdznSX24FqnxZgftzNpxCXv8 N/A
TypinMaster Simple game to test your typing speed 1KNvxg3ww7ZLxZRPT8MX4tRcFxwGhWRRK3 N/A

Developer Tools

Name Description Address Domain Name
Git Center Git Center is a decentralized hosting platform for Git repositories 1GitLiXB6t5r8vuU2zC6a8GYj9ME6HMQ4t N/A

Tracker Lists

Name Address Domain Name
Syncronite 15CEFKBRHFfAP9rmL6hhLmHoXrrgmw4B5o N/A
Onion V3 trackers 13hNAdge5ntxJmcnKzAxeLCuyowJkdvFxF N/A
Trackers Site 1EsjAWNxu7iWVNdtAp7zZyTZmuM52jgiLQ N/A
Yggdrasil trackers 1Bd2mgwbxQAHdHnWyDD7URBLDuwxxybw8t N/A

File Sharing Zites

Name Description Address Domain Name
StoreAge Upload and share files using BitTorrent 1UPLoADsqDWzMEyqLNin8GPcWoqiihu1g StorAge.ZeroNetX.bit



Note: The original version of ZeroNet is not maintained anymore, and using it is not recommended, so please consider using other forks of the project.

Repo URL Description Fork A fork of ZeroNet with HiddenService v3 support :heavy_check_mark: A fork of ZeroNet that is dedicated to sustaining existing p2p network and developing its values of decentralization and freedom, while gradually switching to a better designed network :heavy_check_mark:


Repo URL Description Rust Implementation of ZeroNet. Note: This project is not completed yet Rust Implementation of ZeroNet Core. Note: This project is not completed yet

Android Clients

Repo URL Description ZeroNet Mobile is an Native Client for Mobile Devices running Android


Name Description URL
Name.Yo Plugin Centralized Domain Names for ZeroNet
Name.Trust Plugin Centralized Domain Names for ZeroNet (mirror, Official GitHub Mirror)

Guides And Documentations

Description URL
A Very Technical Look at ZeroNet
A Guide to Security, Privacy, and Anonymity on ZeroNet


Description URL
Original ZeroNet installation guide Note: Original ZeroNet is not maintained anymore
ZeroNetX installation guide
Zeronet-Conservancy installation guide

Site Development

Description URL
Original ZeroNet's guide on site development
The Truth about ZeroNet by imachug
How to build a decentralized chatroom in ZeroNet (mirror)
Tutorials on site and plugin development (mirror)
Wiki on ZeroNet site development (mirror)


WARNING: Do not sign in into ZeroNet through public proxies as proxies have access to the private keys and there is chance for your identity to get stolen by the proxy.

URL Allows to add new sites :heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_check_mark:




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